Hans King Questions Paul "I-Madd" Scrubb Bail

 Press Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Hans King, is of the view that calypsonian Paul Scrubb, who resides in the USA, should not have been granted bail for alleged postings on his Facebook page.


Scrubb in December 2015 according to Police, made a call for the assassination of Dr Gonsalves and his family.

King made it clear that he was not placing any disagreement with the court’s work but said that he now fears for his life, since Scrubb would have allegedly used his Facebook page to state what should be done to him.

King also noted that Scrubb is a cousin of his wife and said that he is now waiting to see if the US government will come to Scrubb’s aid in his legal matter here.

Another Vincentian living in the USA, Jeffery Providence, according to King, has also promised to hurt him. Providence was here last year and while both met on one occasion, Providence never carried out any of his threats to do King harm.

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