Laverne Gipsy Phillips In Need Of Urgent Medical Attention

Written by Ernesto Cooke

Nice Radio Announcer Laverne Gipsy Phillips,is now hospitalized due to a medical condition which needs urgent attention.

The release did not state what the medical condition was, but sources close to us indicated that a mass may have developed on the brain.

Nice Radio in a release is appealing to Vincentians at home and in the diaspora to give generously to such cause.

Persons in the Diaspora can send via western Union, money gram or send monies to Wells Fargo bank account number # 1630634614.

When sending via money transfer please send to Douglas Defreitas and email [email protected] or Whatsapp 1784 493 9980.

In SVG persons can go to nightingale bookstore in Middle Street or deposit via quick deposit at FCIB account number # 106983792.

Nice Radio says they are looking forward to a quick response and thanked everyone who would donate in advance.

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