Inhumane conditions at the Central Police Station For Detainees -Lawyer

Persons waiting to go before the Magistrate courts to be charged are being held in horrible and inhumane conditions.

This according to Senator Zita Barnwell one of the Lawyers currently representing Calpysopnioan Paul Scrubb, who now face charges of sedition and threat to murder.

Barnwell said while herself and Israel Bruce  went to accompany their client for an electronic interview, there were  about 7 young men confined to a small cell, she said while the time of detainment is not known to her, 3 to 4 of them was lying on the floor.

She said even while being detained one has the right to be treated in a humane manner, she said persons may look at the youths and say” them ah young boys” but first of all, they are human beings.

Barnwell said they are human beings and have not been convicted of a crime, “ you have been holding me and detaining me, denying me of my liberty and you cannot treat me properly” Barnwell said of the condition she saw  the young men in.

She said we are not things to toss anywhere,” how do you have people there who are on remanded, who have not being proven guilty being treated like that.

The Senator and lawyer said that people don’t pay attention to the conditions of the prison in Kingstown.

She said if her client was not given bail he too would have been confined to that “nasty place” and I gave no apologies for it that “nasty place behind there”.

Barnwell said added to that we have a snail pace justice system, that you have to wait for 1- 3 years before your matter comes up and sometimes, in the end, found not guilty.

How could this be ? said Barnwell.

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