Cobblestone Management Had"No Lease Agreement"When Served With Eviction Notice

There was no lease agreement in place when the current management of Cobblestone received an eviction notice from (NPL) National Properties Limited.

2016-07-01-bw-class-of-2016-cl01_zPrime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says that there was a lease agreement in place from March 1st, 2005 to February 28th, 2010, which Ann Joshua the hotelier agreed to.

In the following years, Cobblestone paid in rent 2005- 2006, $18,000.00 per month, the second year $ 19,000.00 per month, the third year, $ 20,000.00, the fourth year 21,000.00 and into the fifth year, $21,000.

Gonsalves said following the ending of the lease agreement, the hotelier was kept on a month to month basis.

A request was made for a reduction in rent as of 2009 base on the economic decline, which was granted.

The Finance Minister stated that further reductions on rent were asked for, but, the hotelier refused to hand over accounts and audited management statements to support such request.

13502032_1228516447167743_2422075435996435771_nOpposition Leader Arnhim Eustace Described the eviction of the hotelier as “vicious and bad minded. Eustace said that the precedent of the ULP is to cut down those who don’t support them.

He said on his New Times Program that under the present government people are continually victimized and this is hurting the economy.

A recent Press release from the IMF stated that they welcomed the incipient economic recovery and improved external and fiscal positions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

They observed that the outlook is positive, particularly with prospects for the entry in operations of the new international airport and the development of geothermal energy, and risks are balanced.

Eustace said the Government is not satisfied as to what they did to “Bigger Biggs” Marcus Defreitas and the 645 persons fired within 5 months of the administration taking Government.

The list of names has never been publicly published in any media in St Vincent and the Grenadines since 2001.

Eustace said the building is being taken away for no other reason than Joshua being a supporter of the New Democratic Party.

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