Calypsonian Paul “I-Madd” Scrubb Charged With Sedition and Threat To Murder

indexWritten By Ernesto Cooke

Calypsonian Paul “I-Madd” Scrubb was taken before the courts this morning and charged with sedition and threat to murder.

Zita Barnwell one of the lawyers for scrubb said he was charged under section 53 (1b), meaning that he used seditious words to the Prime Minister and the second charge under section 165 (1) for a threat to murder.Both sections fall’s under the criminal code.

His lawyer said when asked why Scrubb was arrested on Friday at the Central Police Station, she was told he made a posting on Facebook in December of 2015,  which according to Barnwell he allegedly said: “Ralph Gonsalves should be assassinated and his family blessed love”.

The first offence of sedition carries a maximum of up to 5 years in prison, while a threat to murder carries 10 years.

13681093_10153967445701032_7110239953992379961_nThe Lawyer said she was speaking in general and cannot determine the amount of time Scrubb could get if found guilty.

Scrubb was granted bail when he appeared before magistrate Rechanne Browne to which the prosecution did not object.

He was granted bail in the sum of $25,000.00, and must report to the Calliaqua Police Station between 6am and 6pm twice per week.

Scrubb had to surrender his travel documents, and a stop notice would be placed at every port of entry and departure on the island regarding Paul Scrubb.

Barnwell Lawyer for scrubb says there will be a preliminary inquiry in which the court will determine if the matter can proceed to the high court.

The Prosecutor said he was given instructions or told by the investigating officer that they would take 3 months to prepare their case against the calypsonian.

Barnwell said that the first hearing on the matter hopefully would be on October 31st, 2016.

On Friday Scrubb was arrested at the E.T Joshua Airport by agents of the Criminal Investigation Department.


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