Vincy Owned Restaurant Makes NewYork Top List

 A Vincentian owned restaurant in New York has made it on a list of NY restaurants that are reinventing Caribbean food.

Born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and schooled at New York’s International Culinary Center, Rawlston Williams takes Caribbean cuisine in new directions at his counter-service nook that opened in February in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights.

Patrons can make their own Chipotle-style island bowls by choosing a protein — lamb ($18), fish ($16), jerk chicken ($13) or tofu veggie ($12) — a spicy tomato or coconut ginger sauce, white or brown rice, and a variety of beans and extras.

“Growing up in a Caribbean household, we’re always told that you can’t mix this ingredient with that,” says Williams, 39. “But when I came to America, I had to learn how to adapt to a new culture.

I learned that it was OK to mix and match certain things — even ingredients.”

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