Frank DaSilva Calls On NDP Talk Show Host To Explain Missing Church Funds

Talk show host and political activist Frank Dasilva, have called on Igal Adams the current host of the NDP-New Times Program to explain issues surrounding missing church funds.

Dasilva speaking Friday night program on Star FM said, Adams membership was withdrawn by the officials of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

According to him, this was after officials  found out about funds which Adams could not account for.

The Co-host of Thursdays Shakeup Program said, some thousands of dollars from church funds could not be accounted for.

Dasilva said that monies amounting to some Thousands of Dollars were deposited, following which the withdrawal was made.

DaSilva at the last election said he was no longer an Opposition party member, and that he would campaign against the NDP.

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