Persons interested in joining specifically the Royal Navy of the Britain’s Armed Forces are asked to note that under the Revised Regulations for Recruitment, fifty (50) spaces have been allotted for Commonwealth Nationals not living in the United Kingdom to apply.

There are several specialist areas where the Royal Navy is seeking to recruit personnel. These areas can be viewed on the website mentioned below.

In addition, other roles that are available for nationals from nations states within the Commonwealth (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines included) to fill, are as follows:

  • Writers
  • Chefs
  • Stores Accounting
  • Stewards
  • Naval Nurse Technical
  • Marine Engineer

Interested persons are further asked to take note that it is essential that applicants be able to swim and that shortlisted applicants will be required to travel to the UK for tests.

Applicants requested to come to the UK for tests will need to spend approximately three (3) months in the UK taking tests and awaiting results.

Interested persons are asked to register, and find more information at the following online link: Applicants are also encouraged to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their application.

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