We are not here for NDP,But For Ourselves – Luzette King

Activist Luzette King who currently leads a demonstration daily at the Office of the Supervisor of Elections says, they are not there for the NDP, but for themselves.

King made the point while speaking on the radio, during a discussion which talked about the support the protest have not been getting.

I think we should be looking at fear king said, “you know how many people would stand up here if they were not  afraid of what’s happening. King said Vincentians needs to be focusing on the atrocities that this illegitimate regime is about.

She said the ULP and their supporters pave the way the attack on “Cobblestone Inn”. The Activist said for months they have been spreading the propaganda that the Hotelier was feeding protesters daily and offering bathroom facilities.

She said when the attack came the ULP supporters thought it was justified because the seed had already been planted.

King said people have been saying blocking the road is too mild for the atrocities that are taking place, saying that this place will “blow up” Since we are being held hostage in St Vincent and the Grenadines.


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