Sean Rose Makes His Contribution To The Nations Development

oj-300x294On March 22, 2016, Global Shipping, spearheaded by former Dominican Prime Minister Oliver, James Seraphin, launched a new shipping service in the British Virgin Islands.

The new venture was geared to provide a quality, safe and reliable service for the inter-Caribbean trade market, and will operate out of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, with trade routes to Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, and St. Martin, Antigua and the Dominican Republic.

Vincentian Sean Rose played his part to benefit Vincentians by holding several meetings with stakeholders. He also introduced Seraphin to stakeholders in BVI and made contacts with exporters in SVG.

The launch of Global Shipping is expected to increase and improve the trade traffic and movement of goods such as building materials, farming supplies, agricultural produce, beverages and other products available for trade between the Caribbean islands.

10334367_10152024152921150_6090224471480559265_nRose says he’s happy that the service has taken off. I expect the Government would do the right thing to safeguard this important service for our residents at home and across the Caribbean, especially our farmers and business operators, Rose says.

Seraphin says customers can expect competitive rates and a schedule conducive to demands and supply; as the final link in the chain for export that is much needed in the Caribbean trade sector.

“This initiative provides the motivation and confidence that the Caribbean farming and business communities need to increase production through the availability of boats to transport goods that are produced, and source products needed for production,” said Oliver Seraphin, President of Global Shipping.

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