Major proposals for the 40th anniversary of Vincy Mas 2017

A number of major proposals have been put forward for consideration by the organizers of carnival festivities as this country prepares to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vincy Mas in 2017.

cecil-mckie1Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Cecil McKie speaking at a press conference hosted by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) said the various components of the carnival will need to step up their game, and make Vincy Mas 2017 better than previous carnivals.

Minister McKie outlined several proposals which he has put forward to the CDC, including a suggestion for Vincy Mas 2017 be launched as early November, in New York, Canada, and other Caribbean countries.

Minister McKie also suggested that the CDC works closer with organizations in the Diaspora; that a 40th-anniversary magazine is available for the Vincy Mas launch in November; that a 40th-anniversary song competition be staged, and for the buildup of activities for Vincy Mas 2017 be spread across several months, from January to May.

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