CDC Tells St Kitts To Send Quality Contestants To Miss Carival

On July 6th, 2016,the St Kitts beauty shows committee received a  communique from  the Carnival Development Co-Operation here  asking them to send a quality contestant to the Miss Carival show.

The communique address to Miss Violet Williams, Chairperson of the National Carnival Pagent, says that there are a number of matters to be resolved.

CDC in their Communique said that over the years St Kitts has sent outstanding Queens to the show, who won the title 5 times,and others who have done extremely well.

However, CDC indicated to Miss Willaims that for the second year they have noted the standard has declined, and contestants arrive in St Vincent unprepared for the various segments of the show.

CDC also indicated to the St Kitts Pagent Committee that the choice of chaperone must be looked into,a suitable chaperone who knows and understands their role is polite and respectful, and cooperative.

This must be done according to CDC before coming to St Vincent in the future


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