“Towards Charlestown 2021” Canouan Development Project

With development taking place at the northern and southern ends of the island of Canouan, investors on that island have put forward a proposal for the development of the village of Charlestown.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves explained that while the proposal “Towards Charlestown 2021” is not the final draft, he was just putting the country on alert about the development ideas.

He said as part of the process of fine-tuning, discussions would be held by the various stakeholders in the state administration with business people and those in leadership positions in Canouan, so that amendments could be made to the plan before it is taken to the people of Canouan.

Developers are expected to construct Hotels, a School complex, Clinic and an industrial hub.

Dr. Gonsalves noted that the idea is to create a top-class project with the necessary infrastructure in place and added that the project will be carried out in six phases.

Gonsalves noted that consultations will be held with key stakeholders and residents of Canouan prior to the start of the development project on the island.

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