13680946_10157101768590551_4816731873795327489_nThe CDC is hitting back at Miss SVG and Miss Carival 2015, DeYonte Mayers for comments made during her final walk at the Miss Carival pageant last month.

Mayers expressed disappointment that things promised to her never came to fruition but at a news conference on Tuesday, the CDC made it clear that no promises made to Mayers were not met.

The CDC says Mayers refused to enter a beauty pageant in Antigua and Barbuda, stating that she would prefer to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

Chairman of the CDC, Denis Ambrose said the CDC did not have the funds to finance Mayers’ participation and that Mayers indicated to the CDC that she would source funds herself.

cherylrodriguezNews784 spoke with Miss Cheryl Rodriguez who informed us that while some media houses reported that her note indicated that there was no Miss Universe Pageant Last year, that statement she told us  is misleading.

 Miss Rodriguez says who could forget the “Steve Harvey fiasco” at Miss Universe. What her note did indicate was herself and the CDC was in touch with Miss Universe Committee who had to inform her when the date was ready and all the necessary paperwork was in place, following which they would forward the corresponding documents.

Miss Rodriguez, however, indicated that Miss Mayer’s did inform CDC that she would source her own funds, due to financial issues on the path of the CDC.

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