3 men arrested and charged for robbery

Three men have been arrested and charged with robbing Delroy Harry, a 21-year-old chauffeur of Vermont.

According to Police Renson Roberts, age 19, of Clare Valley, Jemark Jackson, age 24, of Campden Park, and Raheion Williams, age 21, of Lowmans Hill were arrested and charged jointly on July 8, 2016 with robbing Harry, of one BLU cellular phone valued EC$400 and EC$1,038 in cash, the property of Rosette Bennett, a secretary of Rillan Hill.

The incident occurred in Campden Park on May 12, this year.

The men were also charged with robbing 26-year-old Maradona Duncan, a bus conductor of Vermont of one black and white DL 700 cellular phone valued 300 EC dollars; and one gold chain valued 200 EC dollars, a total value 500 EC dollars.

Jemark Jackson was also charged with the attempted murder on Regiemus Andrews, a 25 year old, fisherman of Clare Valley, by shooting him in his chest, at Campden Park on February 25.

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