Liat Agents Insulted Me,while my son was almost left behind

A disappointed and distraught mother sat down with News784, to speak about her experience with LIAT agents at the E.T Joshua Airport on July 11, 2016.
The woman, the mother of an 8 eight-year-old boy who almost miss his flight to Trinidad with connection on to Florida, said the agent’s lack of courtesy and respect for customers is unbecoming.
She noted that she paid for Air Hostess Assistance, 100.00 US Dollars since last week, yet, if she had not double back to the airport her son would not have been in Florida on Monday night.

The first thing that caught her attention she said was the lateness of the flight. She noted that while this is the case with LIAT most times from her experience, it was the answer that was given and the manner in which it was delivered left much to be desired.

The mother who hails from Brighton said, the flight which should have left at 10am never did until 11.10 am,upon inquiring as to why the answer came back in a harsh manner “ when it land it will leave”.

But matters got worst, she noted that since she had to return to work and could not be with her child, it was expected that the agents would deal with the necessary paperwork. On viewing the documentation she saw that the child surname and given name was the same and inquired, only to be told “it could stay that way.

She said with her persistence it was later corrected, stating that she could not figure out how that could have happened, when in fact, they had his passport on hand.

The mother said on hearing the aircraft on the ground she felt happy, but a few minutes later she asked why her son was not already in the departure area only to hear an agent say,” wait he have Air Hostess Assistance” and proceeded to hustle him through immigration.

In relating her story, the mother said at this time other passengers had already cleared with immigration and the boarding call was being made.

She then ventured outside, wanting to watch her son board the aircraft, minutes later as the flight left St Vincent; her mind told her to take one last stroll through the airport.

20160711_152856It was upon doing so and glancing her eyes at the LIAT agents, she saw a familiar bag, and yes! It was the suitcase that belonged to her son, with the priority tag affix to the handle.

In tears, the mother said she inquired yet again, only to hear the agent say “we will send it on to Trinidad.

The mother said she took the bag in anger and left with it. She said Liat workers while not all bad, must show more concern and respect for passengers, who affords them a salary.

Numerous customer relations complaint has rocked the company over the years, especially out of St Vincent and Dominica, which does not have international direct flights.

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