Campden Park Resident Escapes Death

11694081_1452708758385667_4601548684470656835_nFerdinand Providence of Campden Park escaped death, early Saturday morning (July 3rd, 2016), and is now a patient at the MCMH.
Police here in St Vincent say that Providence a mechanic by profession was sleeping at his home when he was attacked.
They have also confirmed that the Campden Park resident received a single stab wound to his neck.
The resident reported that as he was sleeping he felt as if there was a weight over him, that is the moment when he received the stab wound,providence was at the time sleeping on his stomach.
He said the person tried to stab him a second time, but as he woke from his sleep, the intruder fled.
Providence told police at the time of his near-death experience, his home was not secured for the night.
The police stated that providence is now a patient at the Intensive Care Unit.

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