"No Behaviour It Was" Hypa 4000 New King Of Soca In SVG

13439059_573681176144967_8309572249346143971_nWritten By Ernesto Cooke

If indeed there is any truth to the cliché that Vincentians have “No Behaviour “when it comes to a carnival, last night’s Soca Monarch show certainly presented the evidence and found the nation Guilty.

The biggest and most attended show for St Vincent carnival saw one Producer Lester Iroha taking praises for both the Soca Monarch king and Ragga Soca king.

From his entrance to the stage, until the end of his performance filled with energy and theatrics, Hypa 4000 did complete justice to his song “No Behaviour”

Dressed in what can be described as from the movie Men in Black, Hypa 4000 did an on the edge performance at every turn, no one was allowed to sit.

But it was long before Victoria Park that Hypa 4000 was crowned king, from the very moment his song hit the airwaves, YouTube, Facebook ,the various street corners across the island, to the minivans on a daily basis, the Vincentian populace had already deemed him, king.

Alas, his energetic performance, his dancers, and production team made sure that what transpired in the people’s court became a reality.

Hypa 4000 now the New King of Soca in St Vincent and the Grenadines.


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