Marlon Roudette "Rocks" St Vincent Carnival

By Ernesto Cooke  7.4. 2016

13592776_913940122085938_2903577572248079448_nMarlon Roudette and his band,gave a splendid performance at the Miss Carival 2016 show in St Vincent, one worthy of a Grammy Award.

Roudette and his seven-member band did justice to his homecoming ,with renditions of tracks such as “When the beat drops out” and Come along. While both songs fall into the genre of Electric Soul,and mostly new to Vincentians, that certainly did not stop the audience from bursting into applause at the performance.

However it was the rendition, to one his biggest tracks”Big City Life”, that got the crowd singing along ,the scream coming from hundreds of ladies to the front of the stage told the story.

Roudette charmed the crowd with his versatile swag, vibing with his guitar, an enriching experience if not almost spiritual. But Marlon could not have done it all alone, evident as the young lady on bass certainly got the commentators attention on various radio stations.

His last performance “Everybody Feeling Something”was epic, with Vincentian Panist Rodney Small backing Roudette on the pan.

Roudette thanked the St Vincent Carnival Development Corporation for affording himself and the band to perform at Miss Carival.

The British/Vincentian musician said there is too much madness taking place in the world,but this right here,people listening to positive vibes is the real deal.

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