Shoot-Out Next To Senators Home Last Evening

News784 has been informed of a what could be described as a shoot-out, in an area known as “plan” in the Campden Park community.

The first set of gunshots was heard around 10.30PM, according to sources close to News784.

The shoot-out apparently occurred in close proximity to Senator Deborah Charles residents.

One of the Senators Daughter on her Facebook page reported this last evening. “When you’re lying on your bed, and about to close your bedroom window, and one gunshot goes off right outside your window… Then you hear a glass break, then somebody runs up the side of your house, and then another shot goes off… Then after 6 minutes or so, you hear shot number 3… And then, shot number 4 goes off about 15 minutes later.”

News784 source indicated that the last set of Gun shots was heard around  11PM.Our source also indicated that someone who was in a shop next to the Senators resident was the target of the Gunmen.

Other sources have indicated that as a result of the shoot-out one man was shot in the leg and the other in the shoulder, the injuries according to the source is not life threatening.

Police are currently Investigating the matter.

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