BUSTA summer promotion Is On

This summer, BUSTA lovers, and consumers will have the opportunity to win cool high-tech gadgets, thanks to local distributors St Vincent beverages Limited (SVBL).

Consumers returning six (6) BUSTA 11 ounce labels or four (4) 17-ounce labels of the popular soft drinks, along with their names and telephone numbers at the various redemption centers around St Vincent and the Grenadines are entered into a draw to win daily, weekly and monthly prizes.

Daily winnings include $25 cell phone credits, BUSTA t-shirts, along with other BUSTA products.

Weekly winners of the draws will receive top- of- the- line smart watches and Bluetooth headphones, while one winner each month will receive an X-Box console.

Since the promotion got started earlier this month, hundreds of entries have been collected, with dozens of consumers already winning prizes, which are redeemable at the SVBL warehouse in Paul’s Avenue.

This week, Celeste Peters, Eric Neverson, Dimar Matthews, Nelcia Grant, Zonia Peters and Sanguitha Quammie collected their prizes.

Marlon Stevenson, general manager of SVBL said that the campaign has been picking up momentum since it started, and is encouraging more persons to take advantage of the promotion.

“It’s a sweet combination of having one of the top soft drinks in the Caribbean and winning prizes for doing so. It’s not often that you can win high tech gadgets by just drinking one of the leading soft drinks in the Caribbean,” Stevenson said.

The promotion ends on September 9, 2016.

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