Youlou Arts Foundation Visual Arts Programme

Youlou Arts Foundation is proud to announce the upcoming annual art programme for children age 5 – 13. The 2016 Visual Arts Programme will start Monday, July 18th and end Friday, August 5th. The programme runs each weekday during this period from 9 am to 12 noon. It will take place in 4 locations.
The Kingstown location is at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School. Registration forms are available at the Theo Saunders Shop and Professional Secretarial Services.
The Barrouallie location is the Barrouallie Community Centre. Registration forms are available at the Community Centre and from Joy Davis Haynes.
The Georgetown location is the Georgetown Government School. Registration forms are available the Georgetown Government School and from Setranella Young.
Spring Village location is the Spring Village Methodist School. Registration forms are available from Caroline Jordon.

This year’s programme is titled “It’s All About Me” In choosing this title we are encouraging the children to do some self-reflecting. The idea is to get the children to be introspective. We firmly believe, children who have some self-knowledge are in a better position to make choices for themselves.

This year’s programme has many fun activities for the children. There will be some drawing and painting of self-portraits, field trips and the making of jewellery from recycled materials.

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