Pyramid Entertainment lashes Back At News Newspaper " misleading and untrue"

PRESS RELEASE – 24/6/2016

Shortly after winning last year’s Vincentian soca monarch Skinny Fabulous announced that he would not be defending his title and would take a break from the competition to focus on a series of private events which he has been developing over the past few years.

A recent article published by the News newspaper on the 24th June 2016 indicates that the artist did not accept a request by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) to appear as a guest artiste at the upcoming Soca and Ragga Soca Monarch competition slated for 2nd July 2016 at Victoria Park.

The front page article headline reads “Skinny prefers Barbados Show” and expressly states that the artist is scheduled to appear in Barbados the same night of the annual competition and further that he usually blocks all bookings in St. Vincent during the last weekend of Carnival.

Responding to the article, Pyramid Entertainment based in neighbouring island Barbados which has managed and booked Skinny Fabulous for the past six years has expressed disbelief at the publication stating that, “….the article is both misleading and untrue. Skinny Fabulous is one of the most heavily requested artistes on our roster.

His decision not to compete, automatically resulted in the last weekend of the carnival season becoming available for bookings.”

Manager Ruel Ward confirmed that since early March, the company negotiated a deposit for a booking for the artist in Trinidad for an event titled “Together as One” and not Barbados, as erroneously stated in the article. It is for this reason that Skinny would have communicated to the CDC when approached the second week in June 2016 that he was not available for the July 2nd date.

Ward states that “CDC was late in requesting the date and therefore to convey the impression that there is some preference by the artiste to perform in another territory during Vincy carnival is journalistic sensationalism at its best.”

As to whether legal action against the newspaper is imminent, Skinny’s management has indicated that it will leave all options open to the artist. “Surely, editors have a responsibility to verify the accuracy of so-called “reports” before proceeding to recklessly publish statements which may impute improper motives or cast aspersions on the reputation of an entertainer.

It is an unfortunate publication and one which we hope will be followed by the appropriate apology to the artist, says Ward.”

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