"you a go tired fi see me face…" Says Gonsalves

Minister of Information Camilio Gonsalves in a facebook post says that over the past couple weeks, four seemingly unrelated things happened:

1. The leader of the opposition said that the Gov’t was implementing a new ID programme in secret, when in fact it had been widely publicised.

2. A newspaper claimed that the Cybercrime legislation had been passed, when in fact it had merely received its first reading, and was being modified in committee.

3. An entertainer said that the money raised for the Dominica benefit concert had not been handed over to Dominica, when in fact it had happened months earlier.

4. A radio station claimed that I was maliciously ignoring and boycotting a community meeting in Diamond, when in fact I was out of the country, in the Dominican Republic, on official business.

Gonsalves said at first, he was thinking the usual “ah, boy, the opposition and their silliness,” or “wow, bad mind is active.”

But then it hit me he said, if I am the minister of INFORMATION and misinformation is flourishing, it is at least partly my fault. Clearly I’ve been too naive, too modest, too dismissive of the effects of opposition propaganda (or simple errors).

Gonsalves ended his post by saying, “big changes coming soon”.Thanks for the inspiration. Like Bob Marley says, “you a go tired fi see me face…”

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