Magistrate Bertie Pompey Recuses Himself From Douglas De Freitas Case

Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bertie Pompey, who is now acting as a Magistrate, has recused himself from a case before him for the second time this week.

Pompey told the court on Tuesday he will not be presiding over the matter where Douglas De Freitas is charged with using statements that can cause fear and alarm.

Pompey said he came to such a decision because he placed a court claim against De Freitas some years ago,the matter was never heard, and as a matter of caution, Pompey made it clear he will not hear the charge brought against De Freitas.

On Monday, Pompey removed himself in the matter involving Ben Exeter, the NDP losing candidate in Central Leeward during the December elections, after Exeter’s lawyer, Kay Bacchus-Browne, put forward arguments that it was not right for him to hear the matter.

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