A Mob Of At least 60 Persons Attack Police In SVG

Reports state that at around 9pm last evening police officers acting on intelligence conducted a number of searches on individuals who had gathered for an after party. In the process, an individual, Duran Gerald, 31, a labourer of South Rivers, was found to have a 9mm gun holding two rounds of ammunition.

As six police officers attempted to arrest Gerald and lead him towards a police vehicle Gerald was said to have resisted and a number of persons in the crowd of an estimated 200 persons attempted to free him, pulling and manhandling the police officers.

As tensions escalated a mob of as many 60 persons started attacking the police throwing punches as well as pelting bottles and stones at the vehicle holding the arrested individual.

The police vehicle was forced to escape through the back roads of South Rivers and exit through Byrea before making its way to the police station in Colonaire before being taken to the Central police headquarters in Kingstown.

Gerald is expected to be formally charged today.

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