95 Year Old Woman Died In Union Island House Fire

A terrifying moment,that’s how once source close to News784 describe the fire that took place in Ashton union island last night at 11.45 PM.

The fire gutted the multi-purpose  building, and also claimed the life of 95-year-old Madelaine Ramage, who originally came from Mayreau and settled in Union island.

The house was located just past the Police Station in Ashton and directly  opposite ken’s disco.

Our source indicated  that the fire apparently started from a gas stove that was left burning on the lower level of the building which houses a shop.

A house directly next door also burned to the ground, the occupants however escaped.

Police are investigating the incident.News784 will bring you further updates. Any other information pertains to this article can be sent to [email protected] or WhatsApp 1 347 785 5048


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