"Was DR Ralph Gonsalves Refused Knighthood"

Douglas De Freitas has once again taken a swipe at Dr. Ralph Gonslaves,asking on public radio if there is any truth in the matter of Gonsalves being refused knighthood by the British Crown.
De Freitas on his morning show on Nice Radio asks if that is the reason a referendum was taken to parliament to,pledge allegiance to St Vincent and abandon the British Monarchy.
“Is there any truth in the fact, Douglas continued that he had put up himself for Knighthood,and because of all the issue of promiscuous behaviour unbecoming of a Prime Miniter,he was refused, so there is a revenge situation” De Freitas stated.
I am only asking a question De Freitas said,I am not saying it is factual” it is has been posted all over England, so am only asking a question” De Freitas lamented.

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