"Special Branch Assessing Constituencies For ULP" Says Douglas De Freitas

Following comments made by Owner of Nice Radio Monday morning on the In Gear show. Supporters of the unity labour did not take DeFreitas comments well and responded via a conversation on facebook.

A labour party supporter Kenmore Ellis stated “I have observed that in most cases Mr. De Freitas judgement is poverty stricken. He does not use logic and common sense. So one should not expect better. De Freitas not backing done responded by saying “Thanks, interesting, how do you define poverty stricken?

De Freitas an outspoken critic of the policies of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves Government said that “I maintain that Gonsalves  would call fresh elections .

Pay attention to the following De Freitas said: “We have a police state, The special branch instead of fighting crime is being used for assessing constituencies on behalf of the ULP”.

De Freitas said  the ULP Administration is planning 3 major youth events not paid for By the ULP but disguise as government programs.

He said the programs  are similar to the 13 million in lumber,cement and galvanize. Wait and see then judge my statements after, Douglas said to a number of  ULP supporters taking part in the facebook discussion.

De Freitas said “It is a fact that the ULP has stolen the 2010 and the 2015 elections. If the legal system is honest in its rulings they will have to by the very nature of the evidence with two different ballots, rule against the ULP, he said .

De Freitas said , ULP like Maduro and Castro is not concerned with democracy, but  dictatorial power.

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