Possible Showdown On The Horizon

13315482_1549247228711160_5577691556610462705_nIt would appear that there is a possible drama or saga brewing on the horizon.The main actors and those playing a supporting role are yet to be established.

Sergent Brenton Smith of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines police earlier this evening posted this on his facebook page.

“There are really some little boys in big positions in this country.As a Policeman for almost 22 yrs I tried my endeavour best to treat all equally, even those that I might have arrested. I hold no grudge or anything against anyone during my deliberation. I am only interesting in justice, not for some but for all.I am totally fed up of how things are done around here. Stay tuned for more let me see and contact those in the US and Canadian embassy on this particular matter before I say more”.

News784 would continue to follow this story.

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