Liat Flight Diverted Due To Laser Light Friday Night

An LIAT aircraft en route to St. Vincent and the Grenadines from Barbados, on Friday, June 10th, 2016, had to abort landing due to a laser light, which was beamed into the cockpit of the aircraft.
According to an emergency release from the Director of Airports, received from the API, the Pilot reported that the incident occurred when he was preparing to land at the E T Joshua Airport at approximately 9:20 pm.
“The aircraft was very close to a touchdown when it had to ‘pull up’ and abort landing.
The pilot has reported that the beam seems to have originated in the Dorsetshire/Queens Drive area” – the release stated.
“The fact that the pilot had to abort the landing gives an indication of the seriousness of this act.
The pilot needed to take drastic action to prevent what could have been a major accident.  A decision was made to divert the flight in the interest of safety; the flight returned to Barbados without landing at the E T Joshua Airport.” – the release further stated.

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