"It Takes A Good Leader To Win"Says Sir James

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell says his friend Allen Castanet the Newly elected Prime Minister of St Lucia did a magnificent job of taking his UWP party to Victory at Mondays Poll, James says that St Lucia will now go through a period of reformation.

Mitchell said that the victory of the UWP, and more so of Chanstenet  shows the importance of Leadership. He said when chastanet was made Tourism Minister he did a fine Job and now he has won an election, a man Sir James said who has never won a seat in parliament, it shows how political parties can evolve in our Caribbean.

Sir James said it takes a good leader to win, and it also takes a good leader to put together a team, the policies and strategies that will win.

Mitchell said the UWP had asked for his help and he assisted, noting that he was the feature speaker at the last convention before elections. Sir James said he was instrumental in the emergence of Castanet as leader of the UWP.

James said he would love to help the NDP; however the party has a policy in the last election that they wanted to prove to Vincentians that they could win without him, where as Grenada and St Lucia felt his experience would be useful.

The former leader of the NDP said, his former university professor told him once, that you only gave advice when it is requested or when you are being paid to give it.

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