Couple Sustained Two Gun shots and Head Injury On Friday Night

One man was shot twice and his wife sustained head injuries due to an impact on the windshield of their vehicle, all this Friday night after an attempted robbery.

Jerry George, who spoke to the couple, said the attempted robbery took place in the area of Long Wall where there is no street light, some person or persons stayed on the bank, threw a rock in the path of the vehicle forcing him to have to stop abruptly. His wife was thrown forward onto the windscreen striking her face.

At the same time, two gunshots rang out, hitting the driver, proprietor of the Double Happiness Restaurant. One bullet hit him in his upper right arm, the other in his left thigh.

He said after the two shots fired at him, one was fired at the engine of the vehicle as a masked man jumped into the road.

Being a licensed firearm holder, he drew his weapon and fired into the air causing the attacker to flee. He was left shaken, bleeding and disoriented George recalled the couple saying.

His next words were what shocked me George said.

He said, at least three sets of vehicles came along and he asked for help and NONE, yes NOT ONE, responded to his plea for assistance, not even to call the police, they all drove on and left him there in the dark!

He had to pull himself together, in pain with his wounds bleeding, his wife’s face swollen by now, and drive himself to the hospital, gun in hand! George said as he recalled the couple’s nightmare.

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