3 Month old baby,among those without a home tonight

13341957_1088694731177305_880600803_nWritten By Ernesto Cooke with sub author Clarion Haynes

A mother, her daughter and two children, who includes a 3 month old baby, is left needing much prayers and support after fire gutted their home.

Reports are that the family dwelling caught fire sometime around 4pm Wednesday evening, in the community of Mesopotamia.

The house, which belongs to Miss Tamara George of Mesopotamia, saw its occupants being housed by close friends tonight.

News784 was informed that a small fire tender arrived on scene, but much of its contents leaked out on to the road, a much larger fire tender became useless after taking a corner to deep, leaving its wheel damage.

 A number of villagers along with officers from the Mesopotamia police station, used hose to quell the blaze.

It is not clear at this point what may have cause the fire that destroyed the two bedroom house belonging to Miss George. Its occupants are being housed tonight by close friends.

Tamara’s mother had to be hospitalized, after seeing the lost which the family sustained due to the fire.

Clarion Haynes who regards Miss George as a very close friend, is already soliciting the help of Vincentians by way of much needed Physical, spiritual and financial help. {pics below }



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