“Bank Wants depositors to withdraw their money” says Opposition Leader

Leader of the Opposition New Democratic Party Arnhim Eustace, says, he is worried about the staggering number of properties for sale in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Speaking on Monday 30th May, on his party’s radio program, Eustace indicated that he saw a list from a financial institution amounting to 150 properties for sale.Eustace said that’s just for one institution, it means that people cannot pay their loans, and that in turn means that the economy is not performing well.

“Just imagine St Vincent with a population of Just over 100,000 people and you have 150 properties for sale”, the leader lamented. What about the other instutions they have list too, he continued.

“Why do you think all this thing is happening with RBTT” he asked, because they are not making any profit, and that is why they put on those charges, and people are withdrawing their money, just imagine that the Opposition Leader said.

Eustace went on further to say “ RBTT wants  you to withdraw your money”, that’s why they placed the 25 dollar charge per month, because there is no way they could lend monies, nothing is happening in this economy, so they want you to draw it out, he reiterated.

The Opposition Leader said there should have been an economic take off since 2008; according to the Prime Minister however we are still awaiting such flight. All kinds of excuses you are hearing as to why the economy is not performing, he said.

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