"Patrol Vessel Has No Fuel To Operate"Mayreau Residents Say

Residents in the Southern Grenadines are expressing their disgust with the ongoing attacks on Yachts men to the islands.

Recently as of Wednesday 25th may, a group of guests were attack by three individuals, when there vessel was anchored in the Tobago keys. Information obtained by News784 suggested that the attackers used a stolen fishing boat to carry out their mission.

During the attack one of the Visitors suffered fractured ribs; the Yachts men retaliated and were able to identify the culprits as the Coast Guard responded quickly, several persons are in custody though one of the assailants recognized by one of the guests is thought to be still at large.

Persons who spoke to News784 under conditions of anonymity said, the individuals in question frequent the island of Mayreau, one has serve multiple jail time for infractions with the law, they also informed News784 that one of individual was recently deported back home.

indexThe persons who spoke to News784 said that residents want the Government to show more concern as the islands of the southern Grenadines depend heavily on the tourist dollar.

Persons speaking to News784 noted, that the boat which should be used for patrol, is anchored near the jetty in Mayreau, and when they inquired of the police as to why it is not being used, they were told that “the Government has no money to buy fuel”.

News784 was also informed of an attack on a British tourist at Salt Whistle bay in the month of April by a cutlass wielding robber,  the tourist was relieved of cash, credit cards and jewelry, individuals indicated to News784 that the police took 18 hours to respond, and the attacker is out and about”due to lack of evidence “according to what they were told.

Residents expressed their thanks however, for street lights currently being installed, on the road leading to salt whistle bay.

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