IKTV Channel 112 Re-imaging launch

Viewers of local television Station IKTV (channel 112) can look forward to more engaging content, as the channel seeks to connect further with its audience.

So says Consultant/ General Manager Irvin Durand, who indicated that channel 112 is now working to redevelop its image and presence in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“When I first came to IKTV, I got the impression that the public saw us as a platform to present music videos.  As the vision is reshaped and with more clarity and definition of what the product is, the public can now look forward to much more than music videos, a wide range of programming that would be suitable for all audiences.

“we hope to bring fresh, new content to channel 112; some of it will be engaging, and it is our hope all of it will be entertaining and educational, with more than 60 per cent of that content being local.”

Durand, a Dominican by birth, with a wealth of experience in broadcast, television production and entertainment, is calling on local producers and film makers to provide content to the station, to add to the local line up of programming that is already available on the station.

Apart from local content, Durand says that the station is also in talks with a number of regional broadcasters and producers, for the exchange of programme content that can fit satisfactorily with what IKTV will have to offer the public.

 “At this point we are looking for good quality production from the producers with whom we are going to partner with, locally and regionally.

“We want our viewers to enjoy what we deliver to them daily, and get some sense of satisfaction when they view IKTV.

“When they watch IKTV, we want viewers to first see their communities, and then see St Vincent and the Grenadines, then the rest of the region as an extension of St Vincent and the Grenadines, so we can all have an appreciation of what is our own,” Durand said.

On Friday this week, IKTV, along with a number of its partners will take to the Flow promenade in Kingstown, as part of the channel’s re-imaging exercise, to showcase what they have in store for viewers.

While there they will be interacting with the public and distributing product samples.  While television changes the demand for quality production remains. We are aspiring to bring quality production to the public, so between 4pm and 6pm this Friday we will give the public a look and taste of what IKTV and its supporting partners will be offering them going forward”.  Drop by and get a glimpse and a taste!


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