Youlou Foundation visual arts programme set for July

DSC00986Youlou Arts Foundation is making preparations for their annual visual arts programme. The dates have been set for the 2016 Visual Arts Program. It kicks off with the annual Teacher’s Training Workshop on Monday July 11th and ends July 15th. The Children’s Visual Arts Programme starts Monday, July 18th and ends August 5th.

A great deal of preparations are taking place, to ensure a successful programme for the children of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The 2016 visual arts programme will be take place in 4 locations, Kingstown, Barrouallie, Georgetown and Spring Village.

The success of this programme depends on a number of factors. It relies on donations and help from the community. Here in SVG there are several businesses/organizations and individuals who have constantly given the organization their full support financially as well as their services.

This kind of support is key to the success of the programme, without their help and support there would not be an annual visual arts programme.A key player in the success of the visual arts programme organized by Youlou Arts Foundation is Rotary Club South. For the past 16 years they have been a constant source of support and encouragement, from the very origins of the organization.

In 1999 when I was thinking of starting Youlou Arts Foundation, I was invited to speak at one of their Tuesday meetings, about my plans for an art organization. I spoke about my lofty goals for the organization, I was going to encourage and nurture the arts in SVG.

In essence the organization was going to be the savior of the arts in SVG. I have to admit I was far from being realistic at the time, but instead of the members laughing at me to my face they listened, and not only that, they encouraged me, and have continued to give me their full support all these many years.

I can claim, Rotary Club South has stood by the organization from the very beginning. They continue to give financial support and their services, in clearing art supplies at customs. They have never let me down, somehow they always manage to come through. Youlou Arts Foundation is very appreciative of all their support. I know without their help we would not be able to continue the programme.

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