Students Offered One Way Ticket From Venezuela

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First Published WEFM St Vincent

Vincentian students, currently studying in Venezuela, have been offered a one way plane ticket by the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, for the upcoming summer break.

 Tuesday evening, a bulletin was sent to all Vincentian students in Venezuela on Tuesday afternoon, from the Vincentian Ambassador in Venezuela – Yvette Barnwell-Wickham.

The bulletin read “given the current environment in Venezuela, the Government has made a decision to provide a one-way ticket to those who were planning to remain in Venezuela over the July-August vacation, in order to provide some relief, as well as convene a meeting with all student(s), parents and authorities on the way forward.”

The bulletin urged the students to “please indicate whether or not” they “have already made travel arrangement to go to SVG for the July-August vacation”.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said on Radio – “if they want to go back to Venezuela (after the summer break), that’s their choice. If they want to use the credits from there to go elsewhere, [that’s their choice]” – Gonsalves added, referring to those students who are yet to finish their degree programs.

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