Julian Francis Takes Swipe At Douglas Defreitas

11949370_1615624038708371_5064705246394671969_nDouglas Defreitas has come in once again for a political beaten from Senator Julian Francis, for statements he made about BOSVG taking an E.C 2.00 fee for Argyle International Airport.

Defreitas on his morning program allude to an E.C 2.00 fee that was shown to be deducted on a receipt a woman had obtain from the bank for US 10 Dollars exchanged.

The woman’s name appeared on the first line of the receipt, while Argyle appeared on the second line, however the column under which these appeared is labeled name and addresses.

Presentation1Julian Francis Secretary General for the ULP, speaking on the party regular Tuesday night program on radio said that there is no truth in what defreitas said.Francis stated that he made a call to the bank, and it was indicated to him that an E.C 2.00 fee has always been used when doing transactions at the BOSVG E.T Joshua airport branch.

Douglas had asked on his morning show if Vincentians were living in a dictatorship where anything can happen, he asked also if this was serious or if it was a joke.He posted the receipt of the Transaction online, which showed the name of the customer, address, identification number and telephone number.

Francis noted Defreitas placing of the individual personal information online showed the scant disregard he has for people.

The bank had not issued any release on the matter at the time of this publication.


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