Greed and Quick Dollar Says PM Gonsalves

Speaking on local radio Boom FM, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves when asked about the vexing issue of crime and if unemployment plays a catalyst in such, answered simply by saying to the host if he knows that there is something called “greed”.

Gonsalves said that there are some people who prefer to go for the “pot of gold “which is at the end of the rainbow a proverbial pot of course, Gonsalves highlighted.

He says there is no such thing and people are encouraged to get into these matters, and that he does not buy this simplistic argument about unemployment pushing one into crime.

When pressed further on whether the unemployment situation is one of the major contributing factors, Gonsalves noted if someone is deprived in an economic sense, not that someone deprived them, but for whatever reason, there could be a temptation to do something allowing them access to a quick dollar.

He says in his experience “greed and quick dollar is doing the thing”, because there are many who are unemployed, and who hustle to make a dollar legally.

In a recent report, it was stated that St Vincent and the Grenadines ranked at number four for unemployment in the region, and that the rate stood at 18.8 percent.

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