Vincentian Students Robbed In Venezuela

Reports have surfaced that Vincentian students studying in Venezuela, were among others that were robbed over the weekend.

News784 understands according to sources that a number of items were taken, including cash ,laptops, food and jewelry.

NEWS784 continues to investigate this matter and have reached out to a personnel in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, However at the time of this publication we did not receive any answer as yet.

We pray for the safety of our students as they reach for the star’s in their different academic field.

In what were described as the biggest ever military exercises to have taken place on Venezuelan soil, President Maduro proudly declared that more than 500,000 troops from the armed forces and civilian militias loyal to the government participated in “Operation Independence 2016” over the weekend.
“We have never been more prepared than this,” barked the president in a speech evoking Venezuela’s military heroes of the past, none more important than Mr Maduro’s predecessor in office, Hugo Chavez.

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