"St Vincent To Hold Elections This Year" Says Opposition Leader

Speaking on radio in St Vincent, Leader of the Opposition said that the final report of the OAS has proven their point of fraudulent activities surrounding the outcome of the 2015 Elections.

The Opposition Leader said with all the current issues, he expects to see an election taking place this year in St Vincent.

Eustace said that the 320 ballots in the Central Leeward constituency which did not have the signature of the presiding officer, was counted.

He said the Returning Officer  for Central Leeward Mr Winston Gaymes  in his affidavit, admitted that he counted them; Eustace said he has actually confess to doing something wrong. Eustace said under the rules regarding elections they should not have been counted at all.

He said in this regard NDP will continue with their legal action currently before the court. Recently the NDP had sought fiats from the DPP to bring criminal charges against Mr Gaymes and Miss Findlay Scrubb Supervisor of Elections.

Eustace said they acted fraudulently in carrying out their duties, making the 2015 elections a sham.

When ask if the results would be different if such elections were to be held, Eustace stated they are working towards that.


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