Phillon Kelly Offers Transport Scholarship To Top Student

Source Keisha Slater

A five years (5yrs) transport scholarship will be granted to the top student of the Clare Valley Govt School in this years CPEA.

This sponsorship will be funded by Phillon Chris Kelly a past student of the Clare Valley Govt School.

Mr Kelly will be soon operating Premier Choice Logistics (PCL) in St.Vincent which will be specialising in importing and selling of white goods from the UK to St.Vincent.

  Mr Kelly states that he sees this sponsorship as an excellent opportunity for him to give back to the community that he grew up in.

He noted that he is deeply committed to future engagements not only in his community but in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Oh behalf of the Dennis James-Mckie Love Hope Maxwell John Ettienne V Burke Lucy-Jeanette Slater and Myself Kesha Slater-Latchman the past students who continue to work along with PTA/ Staff of the CLARE VALLEY GOVERNMENT SCHOOL, We will like to salute You Mr Phillon Kelly.

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