Compact as many words as you can in 1 second and listen carefully as those same words are spit back at you in half a second and you just heard the artist called RAS X.

Born on the beautiful island of St. Vincent, RAS X started writing songs and playing guitar at the age of 9. By the age of 13, RAS X was already electrifying audiences with his lyrical, amusing, entertaining, and positive music.

RAS X’s music travels into a dimension of Calypso roots to Soca, Reggae, and Gospel, with respect to R&B, Rock & Roll, Funk, Country Western, and Hip Hop. RAS X has performed to crowds over 20,000 people both in the United States and abroad.

This talented song writer, musician and performer was the highlight act at Jay Z’s 40/40 club in Manhattan. RAS X recently staged an exciting performance at Universal Studios in Orlando and can always be seen in Boston, New York and Miami. RAS X performs at all the major Caribbean Carnivals in the U.S. and on many Caribbean Islands.

As an ambassador of Calypso, Soca, Groovy, and Ragga music, RAS X is ready to collaborate with all cultures, musicians, and artists. RAS X lives by his motto “Peace in your Struggles, Love in your Journey”. Join us on our journey as we let the leaves remember that they came from the roots. The seeds that have led RAS X to his roots are displayed in this lyrical poem.

The Music That Lives In Me

Without music I would have been dead in my grave

For it is my handcuff and I am its slave

It swims through my veins and it flows through my blood

And I’ll never forget when we first fell in love

I remember at 8 years the first cuatro’s strum

Where passion in fingers beat voice to my drums

Where ears cling to radios wherever I go

To horns filled with rhythm in sweet calypso

I remember our church of pianos and bass

As we sang to the sweet song of Amazing Grace

I remember Black Stalin, Sparrow, Becket and Kitch

How we move to the groove of calypso music

I remember how soca first flirts with my steps

As I jump in the mass to the carnival fete

I remember excitement that none can compare

Where voices of BOB MARLEY sang sweet, sweet reggae

Where Sam cooked the food from the sweet soul of old

And brought the words home to the depth of my soul

I remember sweet country that day on the bank

Where Patsy incline to the rhythm of Hank

As my guitar caress me and played at my side

To the voice of John Lennon and the King Charley Pride

I remember how BB King whipped out the blues

And the heat of his guitar was burning my shoes

I played to Aretha as she sang and rejoice

As my mouth hum the words to miss Franklin voice

I heard Jimmy Hendricks play fire to gold

In lust of electric and sweet rock and roll

I recall how Miles Davis and Dizzy played sweet

And Thelonious Monk played pianos of speech

Then music it followed me deep in my breath

As my name changed from Tony to singer RAS X

Please don’t kill the music for I am its slave

And play me a song when I lay in my grave

It lives in my soul and it set my mind free

For now I am music and music is me

                                 RAS X -1/4/84

Written by Anthony H. Soleyn


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