Police are investigating the shooting of a young man in Upper New Montrose ‘Monkey Hill, last evening.

Upon arrival a young man was discovered lying in the road and was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he remains warded.

Updated story with Correction’s

From source news

Police are investigating the death of a teenager from Ottley Hall who reports state was shot and killed in the Monkey Hill area on Wednesday

The youth has been identified so far only by his alias, Bunny, and details of his death have not been broadcast by the police yet.

The youth’s death now brings to 12 the number of murders committed so far this year and it is the second murder for the week, following the killing of a police officer on Monday at the hands of an alleged 18-year-old, and the fifth in just over 15 days, with three of the deaths being persons from Ottley Hall.

Earlier this week police arrested a young man from Ottley Hall with reports stating that he was in possession of bullet proof vests and ammunition for sophisticated guns.

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