Public Threats Made Against Police Inspector Kimm Dougan

While the citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines are still coming to grips with the murder of police officer Charles on Monday evening, they were awoken to the news of a female officer being beaten and robbed.

This female officer we now know hails from Georgetown, and was awaiting transportation to work at 4am when the incident occurred.

Now the situation between some elements of society who view the police in an unfavorable light has started what can be compared to a hate movement.

So far Police Officer Kimm  Dougan seem to be the target with threats against her person being made public through the medium of facebook.

The threats came along with a photo of Police Officer Dougan alongside her fallen fellow officer Charles, highlighted on the user profile (Ace Steppinrazor) “Me na fraid nun alyo u kim dougan ya: talk bout u go tek up my brother anything alyo try do we go retaliate back me na fraid no flesh an blood like me cuz u na iron women so do way you want we na give a bloodclart who vex from who please mr a e devil him self enuh try me” .

Dougan apperntly responded by posting the following to her wall.” So I reposted the thread below where this guy and his brother made some derogatory remarks about police & I suggested that the comments made by Mr Derby is in breach of the law. As a result I have been marked by Ace Steppinrazor. He made sure to post a pic of my recently deceased colleague as he’s taking his last breath. This is a threat & there are ppl out there who will support this type of behavior. Boss am lock & load & I never back down so bring it.

To which the user responded “Remember na u alone lock an load u mite soon end up inna borrow to so talk yo talk remember is government alyo a get gun from so a hope u always lock an load.”

Vincentians are currently worried and some have even started a petition to have the Government act to stop the playing of lewd music on radio stations since apparently from studies its has an effect ones behavior.

News784 spoke to Vincentians in the Diaspora who believe the breakdown in respect for those in authority is contributing to the problems  and have raise the idea of arming police officers since gone are the days of peace and safety in their beloved society.

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