PC Charles Awarded Master of Arts in Security and Intelligence Studies

Kingstown, May 3rd)

As a young police officer, PC 458 Delando Charles, realized that policing requires courageous and talented personnel, who are also willing to excel at academics, a critical component of their professional development. This inspired him to work assiduously at his studies propelling him to attain a Master of Arts in Security and Intelligence Studies.

Charles went to the United Kingdom in 2014 where he pursued the MA in Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham from September that year to September 2015.

The programme’s graduation ceremony took place in March 2016.

The Campden Park resident’s achievement comes nine years after he was enlisted as a member of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

Charles, whose experience includes working at the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), Fire Department and Central Police Station (CPS), said: “I always wanted to be a security personnel so much so that I wanted to join the army. Eventually, I decided to join the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police

Explaining his reason for pursuing studies in the field of security and intelligence, Charles stated: “The matter of security was always on the agenda because of my background in law enforcement. Intelligence is key in solving crime so I wanted to pursue that area as well. The programme also gave me a chance to blend different techniques in security.”

Along with analyzing case studies, Charles also concentrated on law enforcement intelligence techniques, security in the Americas and Europe, the history of security and intelligence, and strategic management.

Charles said he will like to thank God, his wife Sharlene Charles of Calder, along with his parents Princess and Alberto Charles of Campden Park for their

He said he will like to get an opportunity to utilize his training in further developing the Police Force in the areas of intelligence analysis and strategic security.

“The programme has made me as an individual grow. I am more educated than I was a year ago. The programme has helped me to become more mature and has helped me to become more marketable,” said Charles.

Charles said his pursuit of his masters was not a bed of roses. “I never thought I would have reached this position. Several incidents took place along the way that I’d never thought I’d be a police officer today.”

He said his life’s plan is materializing as he had set it out. Charles noted that he planned his life in three to five year phases and attaining his masters is at the stage he had intended.

Charles said his next goal within the next three to five year period is to pursue a PhD in Criminology. He said at the moment his wife and their young son along with him are currently learning Spanish because he would like his family to be bilingual.

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