Whatsapp Marketing Business Seminar

St. Vincent & the Grenadines has another opportunity to be trained in the field of social media. This time its from the management of AdzVillage Advertising & Marketing Company in WhatsApp Marketing.

With all eyes on local businesses, manager of AdzVillage St.Vincent, Sean Samuel has seen it fit to add Whatsapp, the new and emerging top social media platform to its list of FREE training to Vincentian businesses.Samuel says “because of the rapid increase in the usage of this mobile messaging platform globally, businesses need to take advantage of this platform”.

He name all businesses that should make it their duty to lean about the effective use if this service; from the newspapers, radio stations, television stations, service type businesses to product type business. “We all need to connect in a social way to reach our customers and stay in touch with their needs; thus able to fulfill their demands in a convenient manner”…

AdzVillage will tomorrow April 30th host a FREE 2 hour session for businesses to understand how to use the messaging platform effectively and how they can benefit from connecting with clients and visitors alike.

The session begins at 9am sharp at the Centre for Inner Vision located in the Sprott Bros Building, Kingstown. Limited seats are available but business owners can whatsapp AdzVillage Marketing at 1-784-455-1383 to get more information on tomorrow’s booking or any other information for future FREE training.

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