Written From Source News Ernesto Cooke

Superintendent Ruth Jacobs leads the Criminal Investigation Dept. for the St. Vincent Police. NYPD “Cold Case” detectives visited last Friday on the island of St Vincent.

In an interview with Mary Murphy of Crime watch and Pix 11, Jacobs disclosed that they found out about veron Primus after a report of Kidnapping was reported to the Vermont Police Station.

She noted that police was immediately dispatched to the location and found  what she indicates as exhibits, the woman in captive was rescued and Primus taking into custody .

She said during the time police was on scene they also found important items that led them to crack the case and murder of Sharleen Greaves.

Murphy during the interview said that she was told the knife was found speaking to the murder weapon; however Jacobs responded knife’s where found.

In relation to the murder of New York resident Petra Nixon ,Superintendent  Jacobs said no physical evidence was found in St Vincent, but there might be information that can prove helpful in the that case.

Murphy noted that sources said the NYPD’s trip to St Vincent was fruitful, and asked Jacobs how she felt about her department helping to possibly solving a cold case in the United States, to which she replied “we would be happy to do that”.


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